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Healing clients with a hollistic approach of traditional and alternative therapy.


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You are more than welcome to visit my website if you are searching for help for yourself, a family member, a friend, or maybe you're just curious.

We face numerous challenges in life, but we typically manage them. However, there are times when everything seems too much. Every one of us is capable of being impacted and affected in a different way by both problems in our everyday life and problems from our past.

This is why speaking with a psychotherapist who is professionally qualified and IACP registered is so helpful. As your therapist, I'll give you a skilled service that's private, considerate, reassuring, and secure. We willl address your concerns together.

- Siân Williams, Therapist 



Satnam Therapy offers a range of services that are intentionally designed to pair with each other for your best possible outcome.

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Sat Nam Therapy believes a better fitting therapist makes for a happier, healthier client.


“ Your care, intuition and kindness has changed not only my life but those of my boys… and man! It has mattered so much. I feel that something divine brought me to you and I’m brimming with gratitude for it. I’m so excited for next year!”


“ Thank you for all your support and kindness always. It means the world and more. Enjoy your holidays, you really deserve them! ”


“ I can’t thank you enough for all your help in helping me find myself again and believe that I can achieve everything I set out to do. You’ve helped me be brave and given me back my self worth. I could never repay you. I’m so grateful. ”

Sat Nam Therapy @ Marino Counselling
21 Fairview, Dublin 3, D03 K4HO, Ireland

Get help dealing with thoughts, behaviors, and stressors that are holding you back from your purpose.  

Reiki is an energy therapy that uses light touch to promote healing for the pain we experience in our energy field.

Let nature nurture your body, mind and soul.

The potent superfood cacao provides an energy boost without the crash that other stimulant drinks do.

A safe space to work on interpersonal conflicts with your loved one with an unbiased mediator.

Kundalini Activation

Kundalini energy sleeps coiled within, awaiting awakening. Through practice, it rises upwards, bringing enlightenment.

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