Shamanic Embodied Therapy

​Siân uses ecstatic techniques to enter the shamanic state of consciousness to travel out of the body, make contact with spirit guides and power animals and therefore effect changes in ordinary reality, working closely with nature and the elemental forces.

Are you currently experiencing any of the following?


Challenges during change

In pain and feeling down

Low health + well-being


Shamanic Embodied Therapy may be right for you.

Shamanic Embodied Therapy is a form of talk therapy that will help you reconnect with the source of life while you heal from your past.

Satnam Therapy's shamanic embodiment therapy connects the ancient wisdom and healing practices of the past and conteualises it to benefit people dealing with 21st century problems in a post-pandemic digital age of recession.

Our approach combines elements of timeless wisdom, nature therapy and clinical mental health couselling to help you overcome the issues that come up in your day to day life.

The Five Techniques to Support Your Healing

"In the world of soul, I have seldom seen anyone take a risk for growth that was not rewarded a thousand times over, for to trust to experience is to grow, to learn, to develop. "

- John O’ Donohue.

In contrast to conventional psychotherapy and counselling, shamanic embodied therapy involves working on an energy level. This enables us to look beyond the story and discover the energy cause of the dis-ease in your life. We will collaborate to address and repair this fundamental problem in a straightforward yet effective, empowering manner using a combination of energetic medicine and shamanic counselling. As a result of this electromagnetic shift, the mind, body, and spirit will all be in harmony.

We will practice one or more of the following methods during our session:


The Illumination is the traditional basis for shamanic treatment that purges the energy imprints from the Luminous Energy Field (LEF). By separating the energy connected to recurring, harmful cyclical patterns, this procedure, which works with the seven primary Chakras, aids in opening and restoring the Luminous Energy Field. At our chakras, or energy centres, where our LEF is tied to our physical being. To maintain the equilibrium of a person's spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health, they spin and draw prana (or energy). This method of energy healing aids in the transformation of dark energies into light and of emotional wounds and problems into sources of strength and wisdom. Using breath work, visualisation, and intention, the goal is to shift that energy

Several hidden truths are frequently revealed during an illumination, providing clarity on choices or occurrences in life. Sian focuses on removing unwanted energy, allowing a relief from constrictive actions and ideas that result in distress.

The removal of heavy, thick energies—often repressed emotions—by chakra cleansing and resetting restores the natural flow of expression and experience. Heavy energy is removed from the concerned chakra and "illuminated" by pure light and new energy, allowing the release necessary to go ahead in the present.

It's vital to understand that the shamanic approach focuses on helping people "heal" on all four levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—rather than "curing" illness.

Psychologist and medical anthropologist Alberto Villoldo states that illumination is the central technique of shamanic energy medicine, and it involves purging the luminous energy field of sickness imprints to activate the body's natural healing mechanisms.

Extraction – Coming soon

An extraction healing clears the energy body of disturbances or misplaced energy. While Imbas can cure many energies, sometimes other energies require an extraction treatment to be cleansed. These intrusions may be energy you have gathered along the road from many sources; therefore, they are not necessarily "evil" or a part of your real natural make up or energy field. These may influence your mood and result in ingrained negative ideas, beliefs, and behavioural habits. If left untreated, they mostly have a negative impact on your life, mind, body, and soul and can lead to sickness, dis-ease, and a lack of harmony in your life.

The client's power is restored, and unwanted energy is released because of this very compassionate treatment. A wonderful sense of deep release and freedom can be experienced after an extraction, allowing the client's life force to develop in harmony and light and to feel empowered. An extraction healing is given to receive Imbas Forosnai.

Signs an extraction may be beneficial for you
There are numerous indicators that an extraction might be advantageous for you, thus this list is not all-inclusive. There may be clear-cut situations in your life at times, but other times you may just sense an inner knowledge and/or an intuitive nudge pointing you in this direction.

Some indicators are:

  • Addiction
  • Often feeling depressed, anxious, or angry. *Frequent pain at a location without a clear bone or tissue problem
  • Recurring dis-ease that cannot be directly linked to a person's lifestyle, nutrition, etc.
  • A sensation that anything in your life is making you feel heavy. You might or might not be able to identify its origin.
  • Feeling as though something is preventing you from accomplishing your aims
Soul Retrieval – Coming soon

For "spiritual loss," there is soul retrieval. If there is an imbalance in your life it is typically brought on by traumas or shocks and can leave you feeling as though you have lost your sense of self, your power, and your genuine nature. Our soul might fragment as a natural coping mechanism in response to trauma or traumatic life experiences, leaving us not fully ourselves, cut off from ourselves or the world around us, or existing at a limited capacity.

It can also manifest as physical sickness. You may not feel fully yourself or in control of yourself because of this. These emotions might not even appear till much later in life or might only do so after having experienced them to some extent all your life.

Physical illness, apathy, a sense of being numb, addictive behaviours, a pattern of looking for external things to fill you up, being in a coma, feelings of depression, anxiety, memory loss, long-term illness, lack of motivation, a sense of separateness, feeling "dispirited," effects from divorce, death, and/or abuse, can all be signs of soul loss. According to Sandra Ingerman, "People who are experiencing soul loss commonly express that they feel fractured in some way or that an essential part of themselves is gone." Disassociation is the phrase used in talk therapies like psychotherapy. Sometimes the soul essence returns on its own and self-healing takes place, but often the soul component needs assistance, which is where soul retrieval can help. The process of soul retrieval can make the client feel more in control, joyous, enthusiastic, fulfilled, and entire by returning to them the unadulterated essence of that soul part (prior to any trauma and suffering). Many people find this to be a lovely and singular experience that can help them realize their maximum life potential by re-establishing peace and wellbeing.

Signs that a soul retrieval may be beneficial for you
There are numerous indicators that you may be going through "soul loss." The signals that you might benefit from a soul retrieval will be unique just like the causes of soul loss differ from person to person.

Some indicators are:

  • Addiction
  • A lack of awareness of your surroundings.
  • A persistent feeling of being unanchored or lack of presence.
  • Feeling estranged from oneself or one's life's purpose.
  • Lacking in life direction and clarity.
  • Emptiness, numbness, or stagnation feelings.
  • Anxiety and depression.
  • Having the impression that you are not using all your abilities.
Death Rites – Coming soon

The Death Rites are a form of healing where the dying person needs energetic and caring support as they travel toward the light. To aid and assist the dying loved one on their journey, a sacred area is established for them. I create a sacred, heart-centred, safe space for those who are dying as well as their loved ones.

Pyschopomp – Coming soon

The word "psychopomp" is a Greek word that translates to "guides of spirits."

This healing helps to guide souls that are deceased from the physical realm to the non-physical. This is a profoundly important task that brings peace by enabling the soul that may appear to be struggling to pass over support in returning to the light.

Old Irish uses the word "imbas" to refer to inspiration and, more specifically, to the sacred poetic channelling that distinguished the poets' arts and felt somewhat trance-like. It was thought that the Otherworld was the source of this inspiration. Poets would allow themselves to be the vehicle through which something fresh and worthy may enter the world by opening to this heavenly inspiration.

Shamanic Embodiment Therapy Options

Satnam Therapy is dedicated to providiving you a viable treatment that works around your availability.

In-Person Shamanic Therapy Illumination Session


per session

160 Minutes

Chakra Cleaning

Toxic Energy combustion

Luminous Energy Field Purifying


Siân's Credentials

Sian Williams is a therapist with a focus on empowering clients to trust their inner voice and find meaning in their own lives. She works from a holistic, humanistic and integrative approach, drawing on different therapeutic models, including psychodynamic, person-centered, and existentialism. She has a special interest in the areas of family constellations, spirituality, addiction, recovery, and crises of meaning and purpose.


  • Diploma in Community Addiction Studies
  • Diploma of Counselling & Psychotherapy
  • BSc Honours in Counselling & Psychotherapy
  • Certified Kundalini & Usui Reiki Master
  • Certified Cacao Facilitator
  • Certified in couples counselling
  • Certified trauma informed psychotherapy, shamanic healing specialist, death doula.


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